"I am running for the Palomar College Board of Trustees because as the father of three, a business leader, and a professor, I strongly believe in promoting educational opportunity.

I would be honored to have your support."


-David Vincent, MPH, PhD


- About -

David Vincent is an entrepreneur, educator, husband, and the father of three. Dave has a B.Sc. in Industrial Microbiology, and a Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Public Health.
Dave has spent his career in the San Diego biotechnology industry, helping lead the development of lifesaving medical innovations. Dave is the CEO of VTI Life Sciences and has served as a consultant and board member for many startup biotech firms in San Diego and across California. Most recently, Dave and his company have been on the forefront of the efforts to seek treatments, and eventually a vaccine, for COVID-19.


As a business leader, Dave has always been passionate about mentoring the next generation of leaders—which led him to become a Professor at San Diego State University. Teaching in the Master’s in Regulatory Affairs program, Dave has helped prepare a decade’s worth of grad students who went on to careers in biotech. In addition to his work at SDSU, Dave has been an instructor working with the World Health Organization to teach biological and biotechnology industry standards and best practices in developing countries.


Dave and his family are actively engaged in the community and have participated in volunteer efforts in North County and around the world. These have included missions abroad to protect endangered species, helping seniors with Meals on Wheels, supporting veterans in need through AMVETS, and consulting on global disease prevention with the Infectious Diseases Society of America.


Dave's wife Franora works as a teacher’s aide at Escondido Union School District, supporting special needs students. They have raised their family in Northern Escondido. Their two oldest daughters graduated from UC Davis and John Paul the Great Catholic University. Their youngest daughter is currently attending Palomar College.


- Why I am Running  -

Fiscal Responsibility

The State of California Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team has identified that Palomar is on the brink of insolvency. One of the major reasons I am running for this board is to bring my business experience to Palomar to turn things around. I want to ensure that we can continue providing quality educational services to this generation and the next.


I am a staunch fiscal conservative and will ensure that our tax and tuition dollars are being spent wisely. We need to get costs under control and there are a number of improvements that can be made to do so. These include comprehensive and systemic reforms to the enrollment, scheduling, facilities, and accounting systems on campus. In addition, Palomar spends far more on salaries as a percentage of our budget than any other community college in the region. We need balance at the negotiating table so that the financial interests of the college are weighed evenly with the need to competitively compensate Palomar’s faculty and employee workforce.



COVID-19 has touched every one of our lives in a profound and unprecedented way. This has been a public health crisis unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes, or will likely see again. COVID-19, for better or for worse, will change many aspects of life—including at Palomar College.


As someone with a lifetime of experience in public health, I believe I am well suited to tackle this challenge and help Palomar make rational, science based decisions about adapting to our new reality. What we know about this disease, is that it spreads rapidly and can overwhelm our hospital systems as vulnerable populations are infected. We also know that the vast majority of people who contract the disease, particularly young people, are able to recover with relative ease.


We need a balanced approach that allows students at Palomar to get back in the classroom and continue their education, while also protecting vulnerable students, faculty, and community members.

Opportunity for All


I am a strong believer in the power of education to transform lives. I have dedicated a large part of my career to educating the next generation of leaders. As a professor, I understand the unique challenges faced by faculty and students in modern higher education. I have also seen first hand the gap that exists between the skills needed in the workforce and what students are learning in college. I will work to bridge the gap between business and academia, so that we can better offer courses and programs designed to connect students with high paying jobs.

When students graduate from Palomar, they should be ready to enter the workforce or go on to a four year university. There are a number of innovative programs across the state that tie college curriculum to industry need, wether they be in computer science, engineering, or biotech. We need more of that industry/academic collaboration at Palomar.


We Support David Vincent:

Brian Jones

State Senator

38th District

Marie Waldron

State Assemblymember

75th District

Jim Desmond

County Supervisor

5th District

Mike Morasco


City of Escondido

Amanda Young Rigby


City of Vista

John Franklin


City of Vista

Joe Green


City of Vista

Joan Gardner


Escondido Union School District

Dane White


Escondido Union High School District

Tina Pope

Vice President

Escondido Union High School District

Christi Knight

Board Member

Escondido Union High School District

Victor Graham

Vice President

San Marcos Unified School District

Ginger Couvrette

Vice President

Poway Unified School District

T.J. Zane

Board Member

Poway Unified School District

Paulette Donnellon

County Board of Education

4th District

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- Trustee Area 3 -

Palomar College Trustee District 3 covers a large sliver of North County: spanning from the South East side of Vista, Northern San Marcos, Northern Escondido, the San Pasqual Valley, South East Escondido, and the Country Club area of Rancho Bernardo.

If you are still unsure of what trustee district you live in, visit the San Diego County Registrar of Voter's website and enter your information.

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